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Products for Housekeeping, restoration, cleaning, crafts, fine arts articles


All these years in the drugstore as in industrial supply and professional, our priority has been to provide the best customer service possible.

* Advice: We have technicians who move home to discuss issues or difficult problemticos solution if required.
* Wide range: We offer over 20,000 items and get the item desired by the client if it's not (accept commissions).
* Delivery: Style at home (Barcelona city, metropolitan area, the remainder of Catalonia and Spain).
* Competitive pricing and offers (varying according to season).

For inquiries, please contact us.

Supply sectors
Industrial Supply (hospitals, hotels, offices, restoration workshops, etc ...) - Drugstore-Perfumery - Painting-Decoration - Fine Arts-Crafts - Restoration (school workshops ..) - Chemicals, Lab Supplies Gardening - Treatments pools .

Major Brands - We distribute:
Panreac Química, SAU
Henkel - Division branded adhesives
Rubson - Nural

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